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This was probably the most fun you’ve had since the old army standard obstacle course (the manly one with the 2m jump and rundown). After a successful first run last year, the Spartan Race is back. If you think I’m crazy for saying that, stay far away cause the Spartan Super edition is not for the sheltered Singaporean soul. For the brave of heart, check out our photo diary for some grit, grime and grizzly.

Two days before the race, we finally got the green light to cover the race as a participant. With nobody else #yolo enough to go for a last minute suicide mission, I offered myself as tribute. Recalling my army days training, I packed my gear and equipment to prepare for an adventure through foliage. 

Race Pack


For a major race, it’s rather sparse. Which is fine. Spartans have no need to flip through stacks of brochures and coupons. The Reebok discount is enough to top up whatever gear is lacking. (You get the bear for doing 46 bicep curls at the Bridgestone booth. Earn it for your Spartan woman.)

Race Route

This is probably the highlight of the race. The only race where ~70% is off road, you’ll definitely see a side of Singapore you’ve hardly seen. It’s a sure recipe for sprained ankles and scrapped knees, but that’s all part of the challenge.

thumb 10100005 1024

Crawling up the hill.

thumb 10240002 1024

Sliding down the slope.

thumb 10460002 1024

And then up some more.

thumb 10540001 1024

 Through possible danger.

thumb 11020005 1024

 Jumping across trenches.

thumb 10490004 1024

The smart Singaporean Spartan would of course, avoid muddy puddles.

thumb 11190004 1024

For some waterfront scenery.

Signature Obstacles

A staple of all Spartan races, these come as no surprise. Still, they’re not something that your typical gym session would train you for. Even the army SOC doesn’t come close, hence presenting a legit challenge for Spartans.

1. Over Under Through

thumb 10140010 1024

Scattered near the beginning of the race, this series of obstacles seem easy but it’s meant to tire you out.

2. Atlas Carry

thumb Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.02.22 AM -2- 1024

Sure looks easy. Until you realise that trying to grip a smooth 100 lbs concrete sphere is like trying to catch water.

3. Hercules Hoist

thumb 10320005 1024

Lightweight competitors might find this frustrating when the weight lifts them off the ground instead.

4. Wall Climb

thumb 10380013 1024

There’s plenty of this with varying heights and incline. Then there’s also the problem of coming back down.

5. Barbed Wire Crawl

thumb 10520008 1024

Compared to the one last year, there’s much less of this. Probably due to complains of many competitors getting cut. And look at how dry they are.

6. Tire Drag

thumb 11410006 1024

Everyone seems to have a different pulling method. But all have the same expression when stuck in a pothole.

7. Tyrollean Traverse

thumb 11500019 1024

A chorus of cracks can be heard as competitors lose their grip and hit the ground.

8. Traverse Wall

thumb 12150009 1024

Easy if you’ve tried bouldering. Not so if you have butter fingers. 
9. Bucket Brigade
thumb 12330005 1024

Every pile of rock on the ground is mixed with the tears of competitors who found the load too heavy.

10. Rope Climb

thumb 12410002 1024

Even if you know the technique to do this, doing it with a wet grip from the previous obstacle makes it frustrating.

Other Obstacles

There’s many more than what is shown in the race guide, so here’s some of them. 

thumb 10170002 1024

A taste of how slavery feels like.

thumb 10330007 1024

Standard tire flip.

thumb 10370011 1024

Monkey swing that actually swings.

thumb 10400014 1024

Carrying a sandbag uphill through uneven terrain.

thumb 11100004 1024

Do you see it? Exactly! That’s a whole stretch of road with fine wires suspended below waist height.

thumb 11440010 1024

More net climbs.

thumb 12020004 1024

Now you get to roll with a view of 2 storeys high.

thumb 12110003 1024

Discriminating those with short arm reach or can’t jump high enough.

thumb 12130007 1024

 When you’re bored of climbing over walls, take a selfie.

thumb 12200012 1024

Being the only wet element, they made sure it’s really filthy.

thumb 12360011 1024

Another picturesque climb.

thumb 12440005 1024

Now you get to climb with a rope.

Finale: Fire Jump

thumb Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.40.02 AM -2- 1024

 Maybe the fire died down after burning since 6 am, but it really looks like a matchstick instead of a bonfire. 

Festival Area

After the gruelling race, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the festivities. The Spartan Race festival area is well equipped to keep you entertained with various offerings from sponsors’ booths, miscellaneous activities, Spartan merchandise for sale and a F&B tentage. Unfortunately they’re not free and accept cash only. The area is also spread out across a large field, so it appeared sparse with little buzz and quite a hassle to get from place to place.

thumb IMG 20160507 134604 1024

The saving grace was the free cup of beer, if you didn’t throw away the ambiguous drinks tag that came with the race pack.


Hyped up from the recent Spartan Super in Malaysia where competitors crossed the finish line in identical brown, you’d expect a race to put army field camp to shame. That’s still too much to ask of sanitary Singaporeans. Nonetheless, the level of challenge and unique route is unrivalled by any running race in Singapore. You’re paying for legit obstacles and not just a 12km stroll you can do any day. A must-go-to event for thrill-seekers and if you’re bored from the monotony of the rat race.

If you’re up for a bigger challenge or missed this one, fear not. The Spartan Beast is up on 9 October just up north (and thanks to our currency, it’s much cheaper).
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Writer: M. Farhan Rais (@iisgHAN)

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