Monday, 16 November 2015 15:23

From dawn till late in the day, more than 8000 Spartans tested their limits at the Sprint edition here in Singapore last Sunday. While nursing battle wounds, here's a rundown of the warriors' experience.

 Recap of Spartan Race Singapore


From the promotional materials, you'd expect a gruelling challenge akin to days back in army field camp, crawling through mud bath shellscrape, dodging around thick foliage, with the melody of your drill sergeant ringing through your ears. No it's nothing like that. The 6 kilometres and 20 obstacles were easy enough. The minimum age was 16 after all, with a leg for even 4 year olds.

Having said that, it is still the most challenging obstacle race in Singapore thus far. Obstacles like carrying a bucket full of stones would leave you in tears, while the irregular swinging monkey trainer would provoke some colourful words. The run was a laughable distance compared to other running events, but coupled with the obstacles, the scenic route along Kallang Riverside Park seems like an eternity.

After the event, you're spoilt for choice for hydration - Lucozade isotonic, Vita Coco coconut water, mineral water from Fitness First or Desker beer. There's plenty of entertainment at the various booths for your instagram feed. While there's no showers, they provided changing rooms or you can head over to the nearby Stadium to don the finisher t-shirt proudly.

It is no wonder that the event attracted one of the biggest turnout for a race. Athletes looking for more than just a run would find their strength and agility tested. It's a good respite from everyday life to get a feel of the Spartan spirit. No doubt that every Singapore Spartan would look forward to a more challenging edition next year.

For more videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgMlqUaleBhfGRAL1lPydEHeh4Kre9lL_

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Writer: M. Farhan Rais (@iisgHAN)

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