Tuesday, 21 June 2016 10:13

Why should running shoes be the only thing with fancy cushioning and support? When you’re off the track, your everyday flip flops should have it too. Here’s a sneak peak at the launch of Telic recovery shoes in Singapore.

First Impression

They’re not really flip flops because they don’t flop. Neither are they slippers because they don’t slip. When you first hold them, you’d think they’re cheap uncle slippers because they’re so light it feels intangible. The proof however is in the wearing, and they feel familiar but like no slipper you’ve ever worn before. That’s because they pretty much feel like running shoes.


Touted as recovery shoes for athletes, they’re feature-packed to give every bit of support of running shoes with the comfort of slippers. Here’s a quick run through of its features: 

  • Made of Novalon, incredibly light, soft, cushioned, snug.
  • Distributes pressure evenly, due to its material and high medial arc. Though if your feet have a low arc, it could put more pressure on it instead.
  • Textured footbed that supposedly gently massage. Don’t know about the massage part, but it does help air the base of your feet so moisture doesn’t get trapped.
  • Superior grip and traction from deep grooves, so you won’t unglamorously slip when it’s raining.
  • Forefoot flex and transition line mimics the natural walking motion. Takes a bit of getting used to because it gives the rocking motion even when you’re standing still.
  • Wide strap and soft toe post means goodbye to blisters.
  • American made. They’re big on this branding, so go democracy and freedom.

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Comes in 4 design variations and 10 bright colours - flip flops, z-strap, dream and slide. All of them have as much fashion appeal as Crocs.

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Waterproof, anti-bacterial, washable and floats. Essential features for water sports athletes.


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  1. Great for post-run recovery.
  2. Incredibly light yet durable. (use and abuse, more worthwhile than buying a pair every few months)
  3. Waterproof and floats. (you can’t imagine how many slippers I’ve lost at the reservoir/river)

  1. Costs as much as premium Havaianas. (if those can still sell, I guess so can this)
  2. They’re as fashionable as Crocs. (cringeworthy, but function over form)
  3. Squeaks quite a bit when wet. (thankfully I walk around with earphones on)

As a pragmatic non-fashionista, I’d brave the fashion critics to give my poor feet some comfort any day. What sealed the deal for me was when I put them on after the Singapore Aquathlon. It’s like hot soup on a rainy day. I found myself wanting to wear them even at home. If you care about good support when you’re running, you should have as much thought when you’re walking.

Telic Shoes retail at $69.90 from the stores listed below. AGT Marketing, its official distributor, is also launching it on their upcoming online store at a discounted price, so keep a look out for that!


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.08.25 PM


Writer: M. Farhan Rais (@iisgHAN)

Farhan believes that if your boyfriend doesn't do sports, then you have a girlfriend. When not kindling his affairs with the gym and his mountain bike, he can be found wearing little at the pool, beach or Singapore's scenic fake water bodies. A tech geek at heart, he is easily tamed by offerings of hipster gourmet coffee.